KAF2501 Baking Rack

KAF2501 Baking Rack

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A spare baking rack for your KAF2501 Air Fryer
Cooked to perfection

Perfectly Crispy

Using a highpowered fan and heating elements the airfryers create a vortex of heat that creats a cripsy outside, without drying out the middle. Perfect for wings, chips, and anything you enjoy with a crisp.

Dishwasher Safe Parts
Quick & Easy Clean-up

Our Air Fryers feature non-stick, dishwasher safe food baskets and crisping trays for a quick and effortless cleanup.



The Air Fryer style technology cooks roughly 50% faster than a convential oven. As Air Fryers take over American kitchens more and more food brands are putting Air Fryer Instructions right on the packaging!

Built in Safety measures for your home
Auto-Shut Off

When you pull the food tray out, the air fryer will automatically shut down keeping you safe from the hot interior. Additionally there is a built in over-heating protection that will shut down the air fryer if it reaches un-safe temperatures.

The Ultimate Kitchen Appliance

6 ways to Cook

Capable of temperatures of 180-400 Degrees your airfryer can: Dehydrate, Reheat, Bake, Broil, Roast, and Fry. Leaving you endless recipes to try out and enjoy.

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