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Step up your cooking game with KAF2501 Air Fryer Oven, designed to accomplish all of your cooking tasks quicker and healthier than ever before. This all-in-one appliance reaches temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and can run up to 90 minutes using the easily adjustable timer knob. The KAF2501 also holds enough food to feed up to 6 people. 

Simple Set Up: Not only does this air fryer oven have a digital display screen and knob switches to adjust cooking times and temperatures, but it also features 14 default recipes displayed directly on the panel. 

Extra Large Capacity: This 25L single basket air fryer oven can feed 4-6 individuals. 

Start Eating Sooner: The KAF2501 uses an air circulation technology that will preheat in seconds and cook your food quicker than a traditional oven. 

Quick & Easy Clean-Up - With its explosion-proof glass, stainless steel exterior and nonstick coated material, users can enjoy quick and easy clean ups. 

Safety Certified: The KAF2501 is ETL, FCC and FDA certified.

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