Will an Air Fryer Toast Bread?

Air fryers are available in two basic styles: basket style or oven style. The good news is that regardless of which type of air fryer you own or intend to purchase, toasting bread is a quick, efficient, and painless process that can be completed in a matter of minutes. Read on to learn how to achieve perfectly browned toast, bagels, or english muffins in your air fryer.

Basket Style Air Fryer Toast

If your air fryer is equipped with a frying basket, simply place as many pieces of bread into the basket that will fit without overlapping the pieces. For reference, a five quart air fryer can fit about four pieces of standard sandwich bread and about two to three pieces of heartier, seeded bread, like rye or sourdough. The best temperature for bread seems to be 400 degrees Fahrenheit, so simply preheat your air fryer and allow the bread to cook for three minutes. Conveniently, there’s no need to flip the bread for even toasting, as the air fryer will effectively brown the bread on both sides. Thicker breads may require four minutes to achieve golden brown color and a satisfying crunch. From here, you can add your favorite toppings and spreads, such as jam, peanut butter, avocado, or honey. Many air fryer enthusiasts get extra crafty, creating breakfast sandwiches with air toasted sesame bagels, whole grain english muffins, and even frozen waffles!

Oven Style Air Fryer Toast

If you own an air fryer/toaster oven machine, simply lay the slices of bread on the oven rack and follow the same time and temperature procedures as listed above. Most thinly sliced breads toast well at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for three minutes. Thicker slices may require additional time. Once the bread is evenly toasted on both sides, get creative with your favorite toppings to create your new favorite breakfast, lunch, or snack!

Air fryers are great for adding convenience to weekday dinners, cooking for large groups of people, and creating healthier versions of your fried food favorites. However, there’s more to air fryers than meets the eye; say hello to perfectly golden brown toast every time when you use your new device to jazz up your breakfast routine. Whether you’re in the mood for sweet or savory, your air fryer toast makes a perfect base to satisfy any craving.