Getting to Know Your KAF6501 Air Fryer

A Guide to Your Air Fryer

So you’ve either received your KAF6501 air fryer or are interested in this model. The information below is meant to help you better understand the features of this product in a more compact, straightforward way. 

There are 3 main components to your air fryer that are important to understand. 

  1. Digital Display / Control Panel
  2. Fry Basket
  3. Crisper Tray 

Digital Display / Control Panel

The digital display / control panel is an important feature to understand as it controls how your food is being prepared. This is also one of the coolest features. The KAF6501 display screen features 8 presets for 8 commonly made dishes. These presets know the exact time and temperature to operate with to ensure your food is cooked.* 

The display is also where you power on and off your air fryer, as noted in the bottom center of the image. To the left of the power button you will find the temperature settings, which ranges from 180-400 degrees Fahrenheit. To the right you will find the time setting, which ranges from 1-60 minutes. Between the presets is where you can look to see how much time is left and the temperature chosen for cooking. 

*Note that cooking times and temperatures are based on standard sizing and can change based on size of food item being prepared. Adjust cooking times and temperatures as necessary. 

Fry Basket and Crisper Tray 


The fry basket is the main area where your food will be cooked and the crisper tray is what is used so that heat circulates underneath your food and gives it that signature “fry.” Ensure that you’ve placed your air fryer on a flat, stable and heat resistant surface. 

Some recipes require you to mix or shake the food during the cooking process. Use the large handle and gently pull the fry basket outwards. Gently shake your food to mix. The display screen will “sleep” when the fry basket is pulled out, but will return to its cooking time and temperature once returned.